juli 11, 2018

Get Comfortable with Pebble Stones!

This photographic motiv might not look comfortable, but it adds a great decor value to all kinds of comfort products like throw pillows and blankets. Also note that most pillows can be delivered with fabric intended for outdoor use.

You will find this design on plenty more product in our online store.

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juli 05, 2018

Pebble Stones Sports and Games

This rocky design is photo based and well suited for your sport or gaming features. Find it on balls, basket ball goal, table tennis paddle, yoga mat and much more!

In our store you will also find it on a variety of other product categories.

Rough Pebble Stones Photo
Beer Pong Table: Rough Pebble Stones Photo

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juli 02, 2018

Pebble Stones for Summer Gear

So, KreaturRock added a brand new design based on close up photo of multicolored pebble stones. This is offered on multiple products, and today we suggest a few items that fits well with Summer. Leggings, t-shirts, tin can cover, beach towel, paper cups and paper plates, flask and more!

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mai 31, 2018

Cool Rock Star Outdoor Pillows

Bring geology to the favorite spot of your garden! These designs from KreaturRock show a large star shape filled with rock texture on front side, while rear side is only the color adjustable background. There is a filter for a certain fluffy effect, that can be removed for brigter and bolder colors. Comes in a good handful versions!

This design can easily be transfered to other pillows for both indoor and outdoor use, simply switch material!

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mars 23, 2018

Cool Beach Towels with a Message

Online KreaturRock store offers 4 new cool beach towel designs! The base is photographic sand motives, with a text line like "TAKEN" or "SINGLE". It's just another way to signalize whether you are on the look, or would rather be on your own. Text is not visible while lying down, though, but those resting nearby will notice anyway :)

Default text can easily be customized. You can also adjust font, size and color.

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