desember 21, 2015

24 Rocking Knobs

There's all kinds waiting for your next dresser upgrade! These 24 knobs all come with a metalic circle frame, surrounding the actual rock surface print. There are so many combinations, you'd better look for yourself at KreaturRock store!

Please click images or text links for details and a closer view.

desember 15, 2015

Wrap it up!

Are you into rocks? There's still time to get that uniqiue wrapping paper, ribbon or tissue papers! These are just a few designs where rock texture is the main thing.

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desember 10, 2015

Personalized Ornaments

It's nearly here, the season of great Joy! Decorative ornaments are nice for your own home, but they can also make fine personalized gifts for others! Receiving a gift like this will bring back memories every year, or if you avoid the seasonal greeting, it might be used for a much longer period. You deside!

All text can be customized. Note that there might be text on both sides of the ornament. If those text lines are different by default, you will need to adjust them both.

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desember 01, 2015

Party Rocks: Wine Charms

We are heading for a major party season, and many guests will lose track of their wine glasses! Will you be one of them? Fear not, because KreaturRock offers new Wine Charms! Bring your own to make sure your wine will be safe this year! Monogram to be added on a rather neutral but classy rock texture image.

It's a perfect affordable gift idea, too!

These Wine Charms are added to a mixed Party Collection combined by KreaturShop, KreaturRock and KreaturFlora. There you will also find more Wine Charms!

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november 27, 2015

Rock Art Coming: That Rock View

Digital artwork is soon to come at KreaturRock store! Motives and colors will of course vary, but as a start they will all be based on rock structures or ideas there of. Most will be of graphical nature and be offered as posters.

The first work is titled «That Rock View» and is digitally signed.

It is possible to order a frame of your choice together with the print. Would a motive like this fit in your home or office? Please click below for details.

More motives are in the works, to be up shortly!

november 26, 2015

Black Friday Week - 50% off Today!

Today you can make a very good deal at KreaturRock store! All products at are 50% during Black Friday Week (Nov 26th is the last day), and this also effects the stores of KreaturFlora, KreaturRock and KreaturShop!

The more expensive products will naturally give you the better savings. Here's a few suggestions:

Please click on images or links for details or more offers.

november 23, 2015

Rocky Knobs

KreaturRock store offers a huge variety of knobs with design based on rock textures. At the moment you will mostly find textures like gray and white granite, old stone wall and a few more. Many more options will be added shortly!

Please click on images for more details!

november 14, 2015

Rock Led Candles

Many new Led Candlelights were released today by KreaturRock, KreaturShop and KreaturFlora. Here are a few of those designed with rock textures.

These flameless candles comes in 3 sizes. Although the design was created for the default size, you can get a good result by resizing most of them.

Please click any image for details or access to the store.

november 11, 2015

On The Beach Rocks

Depending on where you live, there might still be lazy days on the beach! At home, or on vacation. And if you live in those colder corners, in a few months there will be a fresh beach season! There beach products make perfect Christmas gifts, too!

Check out rock texture designs on Can Coolers, Bandanas, Flip Flops and more!

Click on image to see the collection, or here to visit KreaturRock store for much more.

november 04, 2015

Rock your Shoe

How about some rocking cool ZIPZ Shoes? KreaturRock store now offers several rock texture designs, and whether loving rocks or not, you gotto admit they look cool!

Please click images for details, and visit KreaturRock for even more rocky shoe designs!

oktober 28, 2015

Seasonal Rock Cards and Postage

Will rocks break through this Christmas? Will Granite textures provide you and your family and friends mith the good seasonal spirit?

KreaturRock store provides matching greeting cards and postage stamps! A laid back and natural design with less glam and glitz. The text can be customized, in case you'd like to wish something else than Happy Holidays!

Click images for more details!

oktober 25, 2015

Wonderful Rock Clocks

Do you wonder what a Rock Clock is like? Wonder no more - they have arrived to KreaturRock store!

Fascinating images of rock surfaces, enclosed by a shiny metalic digits circle. There exists a wide mix of combinations, and even more might be added soon!

Please click images to check details, or click here to see all wall clocks offered by KreaturRock store!

oktober 22, 2015

Rocky Shower Curtains

Water and rocks go pretty well together, right? How about your shower and this grey Granite? Will your next shower curtain be as rocky as this one?

More rock texture shower curtains are available at KreaturRock store. Please click links above to explore more!

oktober 19, 2015

Stationary Rocks

Get your very own rock textured stationary! This collection contains letterheads, envelopes, pens and stamps. There are currently 2 designs to choose from, but more will be added shortly. You can personalize both the letterhead and envelope with your name and address.

Click on the image to check out the eight items currently included.

oktober 16, 2015

Seasonal ornaments

If glitter and blitz ain't quite your style, perhaps these neutral ornaments might fit your bill? These prints are based on recolored Granite textures - real nature!

Clicking images will take you to KreaturRock store.

oktober 14, 2015

Christmas Rocks

Did you ever realize that rock textures can make the perfect seasonal decor?

These days KreaturRock will release several new designs based on photo of rock surfaces. Some natural, some recolored. Most of them will be rather neutral alternative to all the glitter and blitz that surrounds us during the holidays.

This far the Christmas Rocks only contain 3 greeting cards, but more items will be added over the coming days. Text can be customized or totally replaced. You can also add your photo if you like, although the card templates have not prepared for that.

Click the image to check details!

oktober 10, 2015

Recommended: Blue Stone collection

So, it's time to look around again to find what other rock or stone lovers have created!

And these lovely blue stone textures surely are a good find. Blue Stone collection is designed by Northwestphotos, and includes device cases, clock, serving tray, gift bag, wine charm and more!

Please click the image to check out the 12 items included.

oktober 09, 2015

Candy Pillows

Rocks really are the new Candy! And rocky pillows are as soft as rocks! How come?

KreatureRock store recently released a new rock texture design with a pinkish flavor. These pillows gives a sweet and soft impression, even if they are based on rocks. The Candy word is printed on some of them, and you can even customize the text or remove it if you like. If you keep it, it's good to know that the print only exists on one side, meaning you can reverse the pillow for variety.

These pillows might eventually be grouped into a store collection, but at the moment they are only accessible as single items. Click the images for a closer look, or go too KreaturRock store to check out the pillow department :)

oktober 08, 2015

Bathroom Rocks

If you will add rock textures to just one room, it might be the bathroom. The decorative surface of a rock is just about discrete enough to match just about anything, or if the walls are already covered with neutral ceramic tiles, the rock might stand out perfectly.

KreaturRock offers various rock textures, most to be found in the collection Bathroom Rocks. The set includes bathmats, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and acrylic trays.

More textures will be added shortly!

oktober 07, 2015

Rocking Tie Bars

Stone textures look great on most jewelry, and tie bars is no exception! They make a perfect gift to anyone into geology, or simply who is friend with our beautiful nature. These tie bars come in two options, either the square monograms that you can see below, or once you check out the product, you can easily transfer the design into a horizontal bar.

The intial can of course be customized, or you can even remove it if you prefer a cleaner look.

More rock textures will be added to tie bars shortly!