september 20, 2015

Special offers to be released on opening day

Monday September 21 the new KreaturRock Store opens. During opening day several special offers will be announced on this blog. 4 of the products available from the store will be available to a discount, but only if you follow the links posted on this blog during opening day. Every 3rd hour a new offer will be posted - so stay tuned!

If you buy the same product directly from the store, without following the blog link, no discount will be accounted for. Each announcement will include details on both the regular cost and the special offer. To avoid misunderstandings «LIMITED OFFER» will be added to the product name for as long as the offer is valid.

These four limited offers will be valid for the entire opening week, closing Sunday at midnight.

*) Tote bag pictured will not be on sale, but sells for $10,95.

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