september 21, 2015

Opening week discount: Set of 4 Car Mats

KreaturRock Store's just opened earlier today, and every 3 hours a new special offer is posted! You are welcome to check out nearly 200 products by either clicking the link below, or the permanent KreaturRock Store link from this blog's top menu.

The third special offer of the opening day is this set of 4 Car Mats! They come with the print of white granite, which actually doesn't look hard and cold at all, but rather soft and fluffy! There also exists sets of only 2 front mats or only 2 rear mats in store, but why not get the whole set with a nice discount?

All opening week you can get the pictured set (2+2 mats) for only $78,95 (regular cost is $82,95) - which means $4,00 off! All over sales at Zazzle will still be in effect, you can really make a great deal!

This week's extra discount per set is valid only when you click the image above. Make sure that your discounted version of the product has «LIMITED OFFER» added to the product name. This offer is valid until end of Sunday September 27.

If you want more discount offers, check out the 2 offers posted earlier today and don't miss the forth and fnal offer to be posted in about 3 hours!

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