november 27, 2015

Rock Art Coming: That Rock View

Digital artwork is soon to come at KreaturRock store! Motives and colors will of course vary, but as a start they will all be based on rock structures or ideas there of. Most will be of graphical nature and be offered as posters.

The first work is titled «That Rock View» and is digitally signed.

It is possible to order a frame of your choice together with the print. Would a motive like this fit in your home or office? Please click below for details.

More motives are in the works, to be up shortly!

november 26, 2015

Black Friday Week - 50% off Today!

Today you can make a very good deal at KreaturRock store! All products at are 50% during Black Friday Week (Nov 26th is the last day), and this also effects the stores of KreaturFlora, KreaturRock and KreaturShop!

The more expensive products will naturally give you the better savings. Here's a few suggestions:

Please click on images or links for details or more offers.

november 23, 2015

Rocky Knobs

KreaturRock store offers a huge variety of knobs with design based on rock textures. At the moment you will mostly find textures like gray and white granite, old stone wall and a few more. Many more options will be added shortly!

Please click on images for more details!

november 14, 2015

Rock Led Candles

Many new Led Candlelights were released today by KreaturRock, KreaturShop and KreaturFlora. Here are a few of those designed with rock textures.

These flameless candles comes in 3 sizes. Although the design was created for the default size, you can get a good result by resizing most of them.

Please click any image for details or access to the store.

november 11, 2015

On The Beach Rocks

Depending on where you live, there might still be lazy days on the beach! At home, or on vacation. And if you live in those colder corners, in a few months there will be a fresh beach season! There beach products make perfect Christmas gifts, too!

Check out rock texture designs on Can Coolers, Bandanas, Flip Flops and more!

Click on image to see the collection, or here to visit KreaturRock store for much more.

november 04, 2015

Rock your Shoe

How about some rocking cool ZIPZ Shoes? KreaturRock store now offers several rock texture designs, and whether loving rocks or not, you gotto admit they look cool!

Please click images for details, and visit KreaturRock for even more rocky shoe designs!