desember 14, 2016

Rock those Leggings

Heading for your next workout, or just like to dress tight? Leggings is fun for showing of personality and perhaps some attitude, as well. And our rock texture or tiles designs will help you doing just that!

These textures go well together with most colors, as they are basically natural, with a few exceptions that were color manipulated. Still, the texture comes across as rough and solid.

See for yourself! Here's just a few examples, there are plenty more varieties in the KreaturRock store.

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november 22, 2016

Christmas Gift Idea: Personal Rocky Can Colers and Tumblers

Rock textures are just like people - each rock is unique! POD-store KreaturRock offers various designs to make sure that you can find a matching design no matter who you want to be gifting.

These designs can be found on a huge number of products, but today we'd like to suggest a personal Christmas gift - can coolers and thermal tumblers with name! Designs contain rock textures, stone wall structures and ceramic tiles.

Here's a few, plenty more in store!

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november 19, 2016

Seasonal offers - gift ideas and gift wrapping

We offer plenty of unique gift ideas, but we also provide you with seasonal decor items, greeting cards, and the wrapping paper and tags that will make your gifts stand out this year!

Please check out these collections, that include offers from all of our three stores KreaturShop, KreaturRock and KreaturFlora:

november 13, 2016

Thirsty for Rocks?

Rock textures make for great designs on mugs, coasters, wine charms and more. You will find all of those on POD-store KreaturRock's website. Some were introduced months ago, while other designs and products were released quite recently.

Today we like to share some of the product ideas that were never before promoted on this blog.

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november 03, 2016

Tic Tac - Your Rocky Clock is Here!

Rock textures are the perfect interior element, whether you choose minimalism or more of a cottage style. Gray, golden or even in the form of stone walls. Detailed textures or quite calm and plain.

We already provide rock texture designs on numerous products, now also on wall clocks and wrist watches! It gets personal and unique, and for some models you can even modify colors. These are just a few, you will find them all at POD-store KreaturRock!

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oktober 28, 2016

Neutral Rock Designs for Bathroom

Rock textures make perfect bathroom decor, while it normally appears as a tad masculine and rough, it can also bring through softness and make a great contrast to warmer element in the room.

Online store KreaturRock offers a variety of matching designs, making it easy to add the design to different objects like shower curtain, bath mat, soap dispenser, knobs, wall clock and more.

Here's a selection with a rather neutral rock texture. Text «Carpe Diem» can be edited or removed completely. This comes in 6 variations, all available on multiple products. See our store for all options.

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oktober 12, 2016

Rocky Wine Bags

Give that bottle of wine - or anything else that fits the bottle giving bill - in style! This cool wine bag comes in many geologic styles, most of them with customizable label. Close up rock texture photo makes for a great design!

Here's a few examples. You will find more if visiting POD store KreaturRock.

Click image or text link for product details and a closer look.