februar 22, 2016

Car Tire Tracks in Your Bathroom?

Yes! Why not? Have you ever thought of the similarity between a tire trace and a knitted textile? Well, while one is created from sand and the other from wool the structure won't be way off!

Some time ago online POD store KreaturRock released a matching bathroom set in several colors containing shower curtains, bathmat, bath dispenser set and more. Here are a few of them.

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februar 08, 2016

Rock on with a new Tie-back Headband!

Recently the many POD stores at Zazzle.com released a new product - the tie-back headbands. KreaturRock  offers several designs based on rock textures, and if you are into geology you will certainly find a favorite!

Most headbands on offer come with text, but you can freely customize or remove the text. Several rock textures are even great as a general background, if you like to add your own graphics such as a photo.

The product is twice as wide, but you will fold it when in use. The texture is printed on both halves, meaning that even if you choose a text print version, you will be able to alternate with a no-text version.

Here are a few examples:

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februar 04, 2016

Rocky Throw Blankets

Rock textures come with strong decorative values, in the right setting. In a minimalistic living room, or if the style is based on few and clear colors, light ones preferably, rock structures will add a neutral but significant flare to the room.

KreaturRock offers various rock textures on pillows, blankets, tablecloths, lamps and more! Here is a small example of throw blankets with printed photographic structure of rocks!

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