juni 20, 2016

Coolest Geology Car Floor Mats

What's more masculine than rocks? And what's more feminine than rock textures? Well, you can probably list a few things, but don't bother with that right now. Instead - check out our very cool rocky car floor mats! Rock texture makes for a very nifty mat design, and in most cases the decor value remains even if a little filthy.

More car floor mats can be found in the Car Rocks collection, or just visit on line print-on-demand store KreaturRock to look around!

All designs come in 3 offers: Full set of 4 mats, set of 2 front mats, and set of 2 rear mats. You get a great discount when buying the 4-mats set.

Please click images or text links for product details and a closer look.

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