august 29, 2016

Rock Cool Power Banks

So you want to bring personalized power? Look no more, because online POD-store KreaturRock might have exactly what you are looking for! A perfect gift for anyone including yourself!

Designs are based on photos of rock texture or ceramic tiles. Most products can be personalized with a name (or any other word you might think fitting).

These are just a few examples:

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august 22, 2016

Traveling Rocks

When is your next vacation coming up? Or perhaps your work send you around the world - or at least to the neighboring town?

Have you ever thought of how decorative rock textures can be, and how cool they are on travel accessories? On line POD store, KreaturRock, offers a wide variety!

Check out our Traveling Rocks collection, or see some examples below:

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august 16, 2016

You are a Rock Star

Are you a rock star? If not, you can now become one. Or at least, you can show of a star made of photographic rock texture. It's a rock star for sure!

These designs are available from on line POD store KreaturRock only. They come in many textures and variations, and you can transfer designs to other clothing options - any ages. Text can easily be customized.

What kind of rock star is your favorite?

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august 08, 2016

Final Call - Summer Beach is still on!

Warm days, lazy days? On line POD store KreaturRock offers rock texture designs on tank tops and bandanas. And lots of other summer gear, too!

Here is a small collection, there's plenty more in the store.

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august 03, 2016

Rock Textures Serving Trays

For a rustic style, cottage style, or simply to bring some more geology textures to your patio - what's a smarter trick than to serve your food or drinks on these rock texture trays?

Check out on line POD store KreaturRock!

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