september 27, 2016

Tiles on Your Electronic Case or Wallet

On-line POD store, KreaturRock, offers plenty of designs based on rock textures, but there are more! How about ceramic tiles on your next electronical device? You will find additional cases and wallets to fit with most common phone or pad models.

Some designs come with a name template - make those tiles totally awesome and personal!

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september 15, 2016

Nature is served - Dress your table in Rocks!

A tablecloth is so much more than table protecting fabric. It adds colors and pattern to your meal, it can actually add the unique atmosphere that friends and family will remember for a long time!

Print-On-Demand makes it possible to have the tablecloth that you want, even if you are the only person in the world who want that exact print. It gets a little expensive, but there is no limits! And, thinking of how many meals you can serve on your new tablecloth, maybe the cost per serving won't be that bad, after all.

Keep in mind that your tablecloth can also be used for decor purposes, on days with no meal served.

On-line POD-store KreaturRock offers tablecloths and table runners with many different rock textures and stone wall structures - perfect whenever it is perfect.

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september 07, 2016