januar 30, 2017

Who's Rocky Book is This?

It's typical, your book is rocking the bookcase, and not a living soul (but yourself) knows that the book belongs to you! Or someone borrowed your book, took ages to read it, and forgot where to return it. How about branding it, just like they did in the good ol' days?

We offer a wide range of designs, based on photo of various rock textures. These labels will fit well on page 2 of most books, you know the rear side of the first cover page, that is normally blank.

The text can easily be customized. You can rearrange, adjust text font, size and color. It's easy to add more lines if you feel like it.

The hardest part is probably to pick the rock texture that you like the most... see more inside the KreaturRock store!

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januar 24, 2017

Ties with Tiles and Rock Texture

A tie is decorative, right? Tiles and rock textures can be quite decorative, also? So why not combine those two, by wearing a rock texture designed tie? Or a glamorous tile tie? They are all available at POD store KreaturRock!

These designs are based on close up photos of rocks and tiles. If you don't see your favorite below, rest assured that there are many more to choose from in the store.

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januar 16, 2017

Rocky Letterheads

Rock textures make for a pretty cool letter head! See for yourself, these photographic geological designs by POD-store KreaturRock on zazzle.com offers a wide range of variety. You'll find the solid granite as well as stone wall motives. Note that the texture is just about shining through the white main area.

All of these designs come with a template for easily customizing your return address. You can also adjust text font, size and color to your liking. This far only 2 of the designs have matching envelopes (must be ordered separately).

These are a few examples, please visit the store for the full series!

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januar 09, 2017

Glamourus Tiles Bathroom

Add some shiny and elegant tiles to your bathroom! POD store KreaturRock offers a full set of matching items that you can buy one by one, matching your own needs. Shiny, aqua colored tiles will add some glamor, or perhaps you see them as rough decor. This photographic design will go well with both light and dark interior.

Find shower curtain, bath mat, soap dispensers, bathroom scales, led candles, acrylic tray and knobs/pulls.

Here's a few examples. More in store.

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januar 03, 2017

Rock your Office

Happy New Year! Happy office, and very happy improved routines! When you need a change, or just a new start, many find it easier if our surroundings are adjusted as well. Small adjustments, like a new wireless mouse and a new pad?

Online POD store KreaturRock offers many unique designs, and today we want to suggest just a few of our many ideas. Matching wireless mouse and mouse pad, all based on rock texture photos. The mousepad allows you to customize a personal text, be funny or wise! The mouse comes with a text that can easily be customized - your name?

Here are a few:

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