januar 30, 2017

Who's Rocky Book is This?

It's typical, your book is rocking the bookcase, and not a living soul (but yourself) knows that the book belongs to you! Or someone borrowed your book, took ages to read it, and forgot where to return it. How about branding it, just like they did in the good ol' days?

We offer a wide range of designs, based on photo of various rock textures. These labels will fit well on page 2 of most books, you know the rear side of the first cover page, that is normally blank.

The text can easily be customized. You can rearrange, adjust text font, size and color. It's easy to add more lines if you feel like it.

The hardest part is probably to pick the rock texture that you like the most... see more inside the KreaturRock store!

Please click image or text link for product information and a better look.

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