mars 24, 2017

Zippo Lighters with Rough Rock Stars

Zippo lighters are for the tough guys and gals out there, right? While the wind blows out any candle flame, this lighter will still do its job! So, if you should match this product with a cool design, what could possibly make a better match than rock textures?

POD-store KreaturRock offers rough lighter designs, based on photographic geology where the rock design is filling a star shaped field. A rock star, in other words ;) Tough and delicate at the same time!

There are also a couple designs based on ceramic tiles, check them out!

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mars 16, 2017

Rocky Favor Gift Boxes with Custom Label

Honoring one or many, it's often easier with a gift box! POD-store KreaturRock offers a variety of rock texture designs, all photographic. This series comes with a cloud shaped white label where you can easily customize the text. If you want to use these boxes for future occasions, for different purposes, you can choose to remove all text but keep the label in order to write your greeting by hand later.

By default the text leaves room for your signature, but text block can be lowered if you don't want to sign.

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mars 11, 2017

Light Switch Covers with Rock Texture Design

Tired of those boring light switches? Wanna turn them into something a tad more interesting? On line POD-store KreaturRock offers a variety of geological designs for your switches! Rocks and tiles, nature and glam, rough and masculine! Some go well with a minimalistic environment, others are pure decorative. Invite nature to your home!

The light switches come in several shapes and sizes. All designs are photographic, based on close up pictures of rock textures.

Find more designs in the store. Click image or text link for product details and a closer look.

mars 01, 2017

Rock Texture Case for iPhone 7

More rocky cell phone cases, this time for your iPhone 7.

POD store KreaturRock provides decorative and interesting photo based designs to go with your phone. They are rough and masculine, and express nature and solidity.

Not owning the iPhone7? Don't worry, designs can be transferred to other models once inside the store.

Please click image or text link for product description and a closer view.